Anukul Roy Net Worth

Anukul Roy, a talented Indian cricketer, has gained much attention in recent years due to his impressive performances on the field. As an expert writer, this article will focus on Anukul Roy’s net worth and provide a comprehensive summary of his financial success. So, without further ado, the exact answer to the keyword query is not readily available as there is limited public information regarding Anukul Roy’s net worth. However, this article will delve into his career achievements, endorsements, and potential earnings to provide readers with a well-rounded understanding of his financial standing.

Anukul Roy Net Worth

Anukul Roy is an Indian Cricketer hailing from Jharkhand, India. As of {current year}, his estimated net worth is approximately $1 million.

Professional Career

Anukul Roy made his mark in the cricket world with his exceptional performances in both domestic and international matches. He began his career by representing Jharkhand in the Under-16 and Under-19 categories. His consistent performance led to his selection in the Indian Under-19 team and subsequently, his participation in the U-19 World Cup.

During the U-19 World Cup held in 2018, Anukul Roy displayed his skills as a left-arm spinner and contributed significantly to India’s success in the tournament. His exceptional performance, where he emerged as the leading wicket-taker, helped India clinch the title. Anukul Roy’s talent was recognized by various franchises, and he was subsequently picked by Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL).


Anukul Roy was born on November 30, 1998, in Jharkhand, India. Raised in a middle-class family, he developed an interest in cricket from a young age and began his professional training in the sport. He soon caught the attention of selectors with his impressive performances in domestic tournaments.

Anukul Roy’s dedication and hard work allowed him to rise through the ranks and represent his state, as well as the national team. His achievements at such a young age speak volumes about his talent and potential.


Full Name: Anukul Sudhakar Roy
Date of Birth: November 30, 1998
Place of Birth: Jharkhand, India
Nationality: Indian
Height: {add height}
Weight: {add weight}
Role: Left-arm Spinner
Batting Style: Left-handed
Bowling Style: Slow left-arm orthodox
Teams: Jharkhand, Mumbai Indians


In conclusion, Anukul Roy, the young Indian cricketer, has showcased immense talent and potential in domestic cricket, particularly in the IPL. Despite not making a breakthrough into the national team yet, Roy’s impressive performance and consistent form have garnered attention from cricket enthusiasts and experts. With a base price of ₹20 lakhs, he was picked by the Mumbai Indians in the 2018 IPL auction. As of now, there is no confirmed information available regarding Anukul Roy’s net worth. However, his career is still in its early stages, and if he continues to excel on the field, it is expected that his net worth will increase significantly in the coming years.

1. What is Anukul Roy’s net worth?

Anukul Roy’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. He has accumulated this wealth mainly through his career as a professional cricketer, brand endorsements, and various brand collaborations.

2. How did Anukul Roy earn his wealth?

Anukul Roy started his journey towards earning wealth through cricket. He has represented the Indian national under-19 cricket team and has played in several domestic tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL), representing the Mumbai Indians. Additionally, Anukul Roy has also earned income through brand endorsements for various companies, contributing significantly to his net worth.

3. What are Anukul Roy’s major sources of income?

Anukul Roy primarily earns his income from his cricketing career. As a professional cricketer, he receives a salary from the Indian cricket board for representing the national team. He has also received substantial income through his involvement in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he plays for the Mumbai Indians franchise. Apart from cricket, Anukul Roy also earns money through brand endorsements and sponsorships.

4. Has Anukul Roy won any major awards or accolades?

Although Anukul Roy has not received any major individual awards, he has achieved significant milestones throughout his cricketing career. He was an integral part of the Indian under-19 cricket team that won the 2018 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup. His exceptional performance during the tournament, where he became the leading wicket-taker, earned him recognition and praise from cricketers and fans alike.

5. How does Anukul Roy’s net worth compare to other cricketers?

Anukul Roy’s net worth is influenced by various factors, including his relatively short cricketing career, limited international appearances, and fewer brand endorsements compared to some other established cricketers. While his net worth may not be as high as those of renowned cricketers, it is important to note that he is still at the beginning stages of his career. With his talent and potential, his net worth is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

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